When travelling is all you need

First touch to eastern Europe

Last year about this time I was thinking about where to travel during my Easter holiday. As a country collector, I wanted to go to the new country and preferably to the cheap country. Of course, before I made my decision I had to find cheap flights from close by Luxembourg. In the end, I chose to travel to Budapest for 4 days. Cheap flights, cheap hostel in a cheap country. Perfect combination. So what a solo traveller can do in Budapest?

Parliament House

Budapest as city is easy, when you know where river is, you’ll never get lost. Or at least I didn’t. Budapest contains two sides, Buda and Pest. Buda is the bigger part of Budapest and Pest is the hilly side with the best views over the city.

In the evening I arrived to my hostel which was quite a big in a Jewish Quarter of Budapest. The hostel was surrounded by bars and restaurants so looking for a drinking or eating place wasn’t hard at all.

Spring had arrived to Budapest and on the first morning, I decided to go to the free walking tour which might have been the best decision of the whole trip. English speaking guides, over 5 km of walking but also hearing lots of stories about history while seeing the main sightseeing’s of Budapest. Highly recommend you to join one. From walking tour I found a girl who I spent the rest of the holiday with. Best parts of solo travelling.

St. Mathias Church

Since I had 3 full days to spend in Budapest, I wanted to use them wisely. The first day I spent the day exploring the city itself, first with the walking tour, then walking around the city by myself.

I had heard before that Hungary is known for its spas. A couple weeks before the trip I got a huge bruise to my ass (that’s another story) so I definitely wanted to try a typical Hungarian spa. On second day I chose to go to Széchenyi Thermal Bath and honestly even though it was really good for my bruised ass, I’m not 100% sure what is my opinion about that place. I bet it has looked really nice when it was brand new and everything but spending an afternoon in the spa which is full of old middle aged guys and some of the floor tiles are missing, I wasn’t really amazed of the experience. Is this something to do with my nationality, who knows…

Széchenyi Thermal Bath

Even though the thermal bath wasn’t really my piece of cake, I can’t say it changed my view of Budapest. One of the best things in the whole holiday was surprisingly food. When back home in Finland one meal costs about 15 euros in Budapest you can get one for 4 euros. And when I talk about food I don’t mean Mc Donald’s “food”, I mean like proper enjoyable food. So now you see when in Barcelona it was more about drinking sangria, in Budapest it was more about getting my tummy happy.

So what Budapest offers? Beautiful old buildings, lots of walking, appetizing food and good party. Budapest is like colder versio of Barcelona but of course without beach. As an experience Budapest was very different than other european cities where I’ve been to.

-Aliisa Rissala

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