Having it all…in yoga pants

When my daughter was born, I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving that cherubic little voice all day long. As I held her in my arms and dreamt of her future, I didn’t think there was anywhere else I could be.

To be clear, I love my career. I manage a team of tech sales reps, a job that is adrenaline-packed and full of personalities and high-stakes customer meetings and carefully managed negotiations. It’s fun, and thrilling, and part of who I am.

I weighed my options with a sense of gnawing in my stomach, wondering if it were possible to continue my career while being present for my daughter’s first words, first steps, first hug.

I heard about InVision almost accidentally, through my brother, a UX designer. He was talking about how much he loves the product, and as a tech salesperson, I always perk up my ears when people gush about software.

“Where are they based?” I asked.

“I think they are 100% remote,” He replied.


I did my research and found that, sure enough, InVision consists of several hundred people all over the world, working from the comfort of their own homes. They’re well-funded, with strong leadership and a stellar product. I decided I was going to work there.

And hounded them until they hired me.

These days, I start my mornings with breakfast with my daughter, I visit her at lunch, and am delighted by her giggles throughout the afternoon. She waves hello to me as she comes and goes with her nanny (my co-workers tell me they know when she passes my door; my face alights). And at 5 pm I have no commute, I simply walk into the living room and sweep her into my arms.

My lovely home office. And yes, that is a Medela hiding back there.

You can have it all.

You can have meaningful 1:1s in your yoga pants, throw in a load of laundry between video conference calls, and hit the grocery store before the evening rush. You can run out to bear witness when the nanny exclaims, “she’s crawling!” and spend an hour building sand-castles at the playground every evening.

In the meantime, you get to work in a highly tech-enabled environment with visionary leaders building cutting-edge software for the world’s most innovative companies. We’re doubling our sales team and creating career opportunities on a weekly basis. We’re working hard and challenging each other — virtually — all day long.

This is InVision, and this is the future of work.

{Oh hey, we’re hiring!}