Questions: What is The Idea of Justice in a New World (Order)?
Hector Vila

I am not a christian, I believe in making an effort to achieve self awareness/consciousness as the primary means to be aware of inspirational intelligence. However I concede there are many words in the “Book” that may be of use. That phrase “Do to others what you would like to have done to yourself.”(Or not as the case may be) Isn’t this phrase a simple way to arrive at this mysterious justice? I would not like to have chemicals rained down on me or my children so I won’t do it to you. I would not like to work for a dollar a day sewing clothes ten hours a day, so I won’t ask you to. I would not like to have a US military base parked next to my country so I won’t do that to you either. I wouldn’t like to have a military force come to “help” suddenly arrive in my country without having being asked first…so of course I won’t do that to you either. And we share this planet, so if you harm it, that is inconsiderate to me too. It sounds horribly simplistic, but isn’t this the bottom line?

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