Connecting the Dots Between Terrorism and Mass Shootings
Joe Brewer

John Pilger on youtube has informative videos on the causes of terrorism. As you say, if the US or Britain is going to hammer a country, unprovoked, what should we expect? That there is no retaliation? Those being hit should all just lie down and say “take my all, you are most welcome”?

The lies from our politicians are incredible and continuous. Bush, filmed in the school on 9/11 was the ultimate useless actor. The fact is terrorists are the excuse to spend on surveillance and military. ISIS mercenaries are PAID by the US. For example lines of ISIS trucks moving oil in Syria are not attacked by US forces. Where politicians say they must fight to contain terrorists, they pay and train them so it looks like they are not invading that country, or only minimally.

Its all lies lies lies. They just do whatever they want to extract oil, money, control. War is money, oil…well, oil oils the machines of war.

Its hard to come to terms with how much desire for power and money can make a government so evil and cruel. Maybe watch the Sopranos again? On a larger scale.

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