I am 32 and I do not have my shit together.
Jessica Semaan

To be an artist these days is an act of heroism…bring it on sister…or brother! A good day is seeing fresh paint on the canvas that looks good. On those nights I sleep well. Never mind all the aches and pains and anguish that preceded that. Nevermind all those self-torturing words about being a non-contributor out in the workforce.(If that was the case how to do you choose between the viable and non-viable artists out there? Van Gogh was seen as a complete idiot!)

I worked in many ‘other’ jobs, and always there was this deadening horror of KNOWING I am utterly wasting my time. I am only speaking for myself here - every artist finds their own way of surviving, thriving in a way that suits themselves best. My preference is to live frugally, and paint more. That has it’s own sacrifices — living frugally puts the cramps on socialising, travelling etc, but enforces it’s own creativity. Cooking from scratch, groovy op-shopping, gardening, market stall holding etc.

What would the world be without artists?

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