Amal and Edhi

After reading the biography I really feel proud because I found a personality for which Allama Muhammad Iqbal says

Hazaron Sall nargis apni by nori pa roti ha Bari mushkal sy hota ha chaman ma didawer paida.

Abdul Satar Edhi was a legendary Pakistani humanitrian who founded the Edhi foundation. In his early childhood he faced a lot of problems. His mother was a very great lady and I think that behind the success of Edhi sab is his mother. He loved to poor people helping them giving them these all things comes from his mother. According to the Amal principles of progress the first is Amal its really related to the Edhi life and he follows the rules or rules becomes true by his life they just start to helping people and become a lagend .He is a man who feel the pain of poor people’s and don’t see them in that condition and want to help them as he can do. There is great personality who say that I want to live in jahanam to help the people because in Paradise every one is happy.

Why Abdul Satar Edhi is one of the greatest personality in whole world just because he want to change the life of poor people feel their feelings and give time to achieve their goals and work hard for it work work and only work .He says that words are meaningless without implementation so he is one of those persons who don’t speak only but do practical and achieve success in his life.

Amal and just start

There are a lot of works and dreams I want to do but due to fear to failure I couldn’t do that but now I want to do my Gaol is to Write a helping book for my juniors what are the tasks to achieve this goal

1: I buy a lot books for studing.

2: I get all the notes and past papers.

3: Start writing the book .

Buy Books

I need Mony so now there is no problem for me because I have a job from my salary I easly purchase these books to complete the Goal.

Nots and Papers

Necessary for the guidance and helping meterial for them these notes I get from my friends and all the fellows in my batch .

Writing book

Difficult task but I think I can do it so thats why nothing feel bad but happy to achieve this goal soon .

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