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Online become the foremost fast and versatile medium of dealing currently a days. There are ample platforms World Health Organization are giving endless chance for his or her shopper within the competitive market. is one amongst the platforms World Health Organization intruded new options and a few outstanding facilities for his or her shopper. each shopper desires full transparency in their dealing that is very maintained by this platform. There are another new and innovative options that ar mentioned in below.

Block-chain: Transparency is that the prime concern of A shopper will trace each single dealing solely by one or two of single click. They maintain a relentless dealing with a correct manner and structure which may helps to search out a slip-up at one look. at the side of that they guarantee your dealing with high protection from any style of corruption and fraud. tho’ it’s a network base system however they guarantee real time entity with the origin of each dealing verified by the authority.

Trade Token: it’s a medium of exchange of quality. It works sort of a liquid currency for each parties that is named “cryptocurrency”. it’ll work as a bank wherever you’ll tokenize your quality in an exceedingly liquid price. In future token may well be used as getting the IPOs and then on. the worth of each token are calculated by gift market price. it’ll be medium of trade exchange for your assets and shears. All the exchange are maintained through restrictive approval and listed organization. moreover all transition has correct transparency which may facilitate for minimizing the overhead value and increase the ratio. it’ll conjointly scale back the gap between heritage management and organization. on balance it’ll produce a relationship between financial organization and new investment bridge.

Liquidity Pool: it’s most dynamic tools they utilized in their system wherever a shopper will get their bonuses on routine. they’ll conjointly debit their five hundredth of share on demand. they’ll conjointly pay off their fees and credits from this token before the dead line. it’s a platform ne’er introduced before within the token market. Here a shopper will get additional flexibility for day to day dealing as they prefer to perform. Whoever it sheared totally different facilities within the following segments, that ar delineate in below.

· Spreads: distinction between raise value and price ar referred to as spreads. If spreads ar over five hundredth then the profit can directly go beneath the Liquidity pool once it exhausted platform.

· Commission: terribly tight unfold reduces the vary of profit for broker. But provides a platform for those brokers. for each thriving dealing the shopper or capitalist ar merely charged atiny low quantity of commission. however astonishingly Liquidity pool will assist you to get benefit from those commissions. is given the chance of getting five hundredth of commission come back in your liquidity pool account.

· Aggregation: it’s the method of gathering little package and sells all packages in an exceedingly massive volume once it’s in highest rate of come back. which may make sure you most vary of profit regardless of the size of package is. it’ll conjointly embody the Liquidity pool’s outcomes in their calculable marketing.

· Risk positions: Hedging is most advanced strategy that minimizes the potential risk for the capitalist. They use high level and really refined proprietary algorithms that offer the most effective valuation outcomes. at that time a bunch of extremely masterly skilled World Health Organization features a nice variety of expertise and disbursement an enormous portion of life disbursement during this market ar allotted to require call for any quite commercialism. It ensures the utmost risk reduction for each dealing. so risk minimization becomes an area for

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· Margin interest: In Associate in Nursing investment market each persons want some credit or atiny low quantity of loan. can offer a proportional quantity of token if the shopper connected with the e-wallet. during this connected system investor can earn Associate in Nursing quantity of interest however in between this can generate atiny low quantity of revenue from the investor. Then can intercalary a number of the proportional revenue within the liquidity pool of the shopper. So, this technique can assist you for earning revenue yet as they minimize the interest value for you in keeping with their Liquidity Pool system.

· dealing & placement fees: is giving each organization to return their platform wherever they’ll save their liquid quality as crypto currency, save their cash and profits in e-wallet and on balance they’ll mobilize and liquidized their permanent quality in platform. These ar the most effective style of dealing in extremely secure system. during this platform placement fees can deduct by a proportional system. Low volume can charged low and high volume can charged additional less during this synchronize system. {after all in any case in spite of each thing in the end final on balance} every dealing can get some advantages from the dealing and even the investor World Health Organization lend cash by mistreatment their e-wallet can generate some revenue in their liquidity pool in platform.

Cost minimization and profit earning is that the main aim of an individual and organization. once analyzing the written report of it may be aforesaid that this platform is most outstanding and quick growing platform currently a days. Not solely they guarantee transparency and security however they conjointly guarantee value minimization system and revenue regenerate system for his or her shopper through Liquidity pool.

In my conclusion i would like to mention that TRADE.IO features a qualified management team and system which may assists U.S. for more growth during this current competitive market.

Pre-ICO allows payments with local bank deposits, international bank wire, and Ethereal (ETTH). The actual ICO will only accept ETH for payment. Pre-ICO operates from 11/7/2017 until 11/25/2017, and ICO operates from 11/28/2017 to 12/15/2017. IOP will be distributed within 30 days after ICO, which means you must receive your tokens on 1/15/2018. All unsold tokens will be burned.
Here’s the price for their toIO IOS:

Note that prices for ICO will rise as sales continue.

A total of 500,000,000 million IOPs will be created, with 275 million sold to the public. This means more than half (55%) will go public. Most are also held for liquidity pools. Here is a chart of their white paper that shows the distribution of tokens:

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