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I just say, Lucid is a benefit project. For your better understanding I will explain the whole process. When you wear glasses, you connect with your gadgets and applications made for Lucyd. You stretch the technological mask and block the ordinary world. This allows you to receive the necessary information immediately without interrupting the work for communication on the network and learning something new. Of course, entertainment elements will also be present if necessary. For example, a new pair of glasses Lucy Lens will be made, offering a number of advantages, as well as a truly revolutionary product on the market.

Hasil gambar untuk bounty  lucyd

The glasses support a 120-degree display and also has an AR screen. Similarly, the Lucid project is not limited to just glasses. An entire ecosystem will be created to support and develop advanced reality technology by writing new applications for eyewear. The recording and use of applications is stimulated by an LCD token. The entire platform will work with intellectual contract technology to ensure this, visit the site

The first sale of the LCD mark will start on 17 October. And as of October 30 the ICO of the Lucyd project starts, at the entrance it is the intention to raise $ 10 million. A total of 100,000,000 LCD tokens will be released. In the beginning it will be very advantageous to invest in this project, because the first 500 investors will get Lucyd Lens. These are the first smart glasses that are the main product of d

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Ultimately, I want the developers to succeed. People have good ideas and are experienced enough to apply them. Lucyd is a future project with great potential. That is why I will remain a reference reference for anyone who is interested. And do not forget ICO for a very long time.


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