Andela Boot camp Cohort 4 Day 3

I write about the pressure, the lack of sleep, and the hunger!
Yes, it is not all fun and games. Besides the excitement, the meeting new people, and learning new things, there is the pressure. Being here, you are kept on your toes. You work around the clock all day and every day. I have not had the recommended complete 8 hours of sleep since I got to boot-camp.

Just when I thought yesterday was tough, today things got thick, and that’s putting it lightly. I had stayed up late working on the labs and on our last chat the labs were not submitting. So you can imagine the pressure I felt and the frustration. Things literally got technical I must say. It takes a lot to make your code work, and as I continue with this experience its becoming clear that it helps to break down a problem into a programmable logic, that way if something doesn’t work you can quickly identify where the error is originating from.

Test driven development still remains one of my biggest challenge so far but also one big learning point/area. and also object oriented programming integration into the flask application that was meant for challenge #1.So while this day is really a busy one, i’m expecting tougher days and challenges ahead. The good thing is, i’m looking forward to them.

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