First Day at MIC

Today was my first day at MIC Lahore. I came a bit late. When i entered, orientation was started. I saw for an empty chair and finds a one adjacent to Sabeen, My MIC Family member. She is from Gujranwala. A bit helping too.
I helped her in finding the MIC group for batch 10. After three presentations They let us go. I was to first boy to leave the room. Another boy was just behind me. His name is Zia from Sawat. His parents are in America. We ate lunch together. He asked help from me regarding finding a hostel near ASTP. I guided him. After eating lunch i saw 3 miss calls from MIC office. I called them back. They asked me to come back for a talk. I came and waited about 20 minutes. But Sir was busy in an important call. By the way the problem could be that, there a little conflict in my internship role i.e Developer or Designer. So i left with intention of coming early in morning to resolve this issue. It was nice session.
Love ❤.



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