I would like to say this is a very well written article, and I greatly appreciate that one of our…
Chad Nehemiah

Hi Chad! I so appreciate your taking the time to write this → I hope all comments are like this one. I also want to thank you for complementing my mind. Though I’m more of a Jamaican resident than a diaspora member (embarking on advanced studies in the US in September with plans to return home ahead of that for several months and immediately following); I agree that the diaspora is failing to do its part in sharing the wealth (monetary and otherwise) it has gained from living abroad. In regards to the topic choice of this article, I should likely have given more backstory on who I am and what I do for a living. I’m an advocacy support specialist for the UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment. Our 2nd report was released during the Commission on the Status of Women and I was frustrated by the lack of coverage in Jamaican media (traditional and otherwise) of women like Shirley Pryce who lead the Jamaican Household Workers’ Associations and fight for Jamaica to ratify conventions like that which protects their rights’ to unionise, be treated fairly and paid a living wage (outlined by ILO C189). I 1000000% agree with you that private sector, and even DBJ are good about having equal or close to equal female leadership. I would love one day to see female MDs or more female CEOs but it’s progress. That’s why I found it so easy to draw on IKEA as an example to which we can aspire. IKEA is doing amazing things for women/ equality (which I personally believe benefits women and men) and maybe they’re doing even the best things so that suggests how highly I regard Jamaican private sector- if that makes sense? I should have clarified that as well and with my next article will try to be clearer about thought processes like that one. I also should have made clear that I’m less concerned with private sector than I am with public sector not following suit. Please feel free to email me or inbox me on Facebook or Twitter (alimats876) and I’d be really excited to continue this via email, phone or whatsapp. Nuff love. Ali