Identifying your life of purpose by embracing your pain — what is mine…

Talking about my goals, they are many. One of the biggest or challenging goals is to become an entrepreneur. It’s difficult to achieve because of the competition and saturation today’s world have. Others are, to have an international business empire and ultimately serve the humanity as much as I can. I am fond of counselling others for their lives and asking them to maintain correct standards so they can live a better life.

After making a strong financial base, I am of the view of creating institutions which educate poor children. There will be counselling centres in those institutions, which guide different people according to their problems.

It’s effortless to see dreams and make goals but hard to achieve big goals. We have to sacrifice for them. We have to pay the cost of shift those dreams into the reality. More explicitly this is the point most of the people fail. They do the stress-free part of the story .i.e. seeing a dream and don’t travel further on this journey because next chapter sometimes demands to have a walk on fire. But after you cut the required costs, don’t lose hope, and keep walking till the destination. Success is on your feet. God bless you the things you are working.

Regarding my dreams, I am working on them. I am studying in business school to become a future entrepreneur. As the same while I am working on the giving free education to the society’s deprived children. So they can make their future bright. I hope I will be motivated in my journey and cut every cost which is needed to make my dreams real. And I request every reader not to lose hope and do virtue which enhances positivism in society. So, humanity excels to its max.

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