Prank #1: Empty Toothpaste Container


Cut the bottom of the empty toothpaste container and wash out the tube. Fill the empty tube with green colored frosting, or leave it white depending on family’s preference of toothpaste. Fill to the same volume as the original toothpaste tube you’ve been using. Roll the frosting tube up and replace it with another binder clip or whatever your household uses to hold the rolled up toothpaste in place.


  • Toothpaste Container (we suggest plastic)
  • Frosting
  • Binder Clip
  • Food color of choice with peppermint extract


Walk around while you brush you teeth, giving the other person the idea that it’s that time to brush. After they realize they’ve been pranked, they’ll need to brush again. Haha (evil face).

About Pranksters Academy

Prankers Academy was written by Pam Kesterson in collaboration with her son Sean Kesterson illustrating the instructions.

The purpose of this book is to give you ideas for pranks. I’ve included examples of great pranks to play on others as well as tried and true pranks others have played on me. There are some funny jokes that have automatically happened that will give ideas to others to make the prank come to life intentionally.


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