keyword research guide

Keywords are the most important part of your SEO copywriting process. with keyword research you find out what and how your audience search. when you have done keyword research you have good material to create blog posts and website pages.

What is keyword research?

keyword research is a process in which you choose a list of keywords and phrases to rank them. website owners need to dig into their desired audience and search engines. you need to find out what your audiences search in search engines like google and youtube in other words keyword research is the foundation of your content-creating activities.

why is keyword research important?

imagine you are a business owner and you choose some keywords that you want to rank for them if you do not know the behaviour of your audience probably you chose the wrong keywords.

As a result, potential customers can’t find those websites, because of a mismatch in word use.

You’ll probably understand that it doesn’t make any sense to optimize for words that people don’t use.

by looking at search intent, you find out what exactly your audience is looking for and you choose good keywords for your website.

to be continued…

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