Top Rated Best Tankless Water Heaters

By definition, a tankless water heater is a water heater without the tank. They are high powered and produce hot water on demand. They use the power supply only during operation. Therefore, power consumption is remarkably low.

The technology of the tankless water heater lies in the burner or heat exchanger. When the power switch is on power ignite the burner.

A flow sensor is present in such heaters. It senses the minimum flow upon which it activates the burner.

The burner consists of a copper heat exchanger. Heat exchanger’s job is to pass on heat and transform a medium from hot to cold or cold to hot. Generally, copper heat exchangers are used for their high thermal conductivity and ease of fabrication and low-cost nature.

A negative feedback loop also exists that helps to bring water to the target temperature. A digital dial is set at the heater cover where the user can set the desired temperature.

As water pass through it gets hot. When water heats up, it produces pressure upward, when it happens hot water eventually ends up going back to the cold water inlet.

A pressure relief valve that is generally installed in a water heater let this pressure go off. Otherwise, the hot water pressure goes back to the cold water inlet and enters in the municipal tank where the pressure gets relieved. However, the presence of a pressure relief valve make the job smoother, and hot water does not go into cold water inlet.

A pressure regulator can also function. Similarly, it controls the flow and does not let the hot water enter back to a cold water tank; this is called a closed system. When a closed system exists the tank has to be near it too. If not sometimes the pressure valve can leak, but that is another story we will discuss later.

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