The ego in the age of social media

This story is inspired by what I see today in social media, and by no means does it exclude me in some ways from it. I am acknowledging what I see and what triggers me.

2012 Instagram, that social media tool that started growing because it was less bullshitty than Facebook, where people were posting what they really enjoyed or their passion, whether it was a piece of food, an excerpt of a book they were reading, to a sunset, a view, or an inspirational quote. Some other were posting pictures of their loved ones and in some cases of themselves.

2017 Instagram. A place where people post pictures of food to brag in your face they’re eating more amazing food than you, by tagging the place –only if extremely popular or expensive, using hashtags labeling food by categories just like we categorize people; documenting travel not to share moments, views, people, but to make others think your life is so much better than theirs; the selfies, OH where to start with the selfies, from the full body selfies to the perfect angle close-ups, to the ones sending blown kisses to a camera, to the ones where people airbrush their “imperfections” until they look like expression-less porcelain dolls; those weird portraits where people look perfect in but pretend they didn’t even plan for it, those extremely-posed photos taken as if I am not looking; and then the validation ones, those that show a sweaty but happy you with a hashtag of #nopainnogain, or that photo of a delicious-hyperexpensive-filledwithsugar juice to reward yourself after the workout. And the many in betweens, of course there still are the occassional family moments, friends moments, happy kid moments, I love my baby/dog/cat-and-won’t-hide-it photos, the I-am-obsessed-with-patterns and couldn’t care less to tell the whole world about them, and many other things that are worth sharing and seeing, and some which I even look forward to because I know that the person behind them is carefully directing their thoughts to living and enjoying what they’re passionate about.

My problem is really not with sharing, nor is it with the use of social media, but it definitely triggers me when I see normal people becoming more and more “famous” through social media, and then BOOM they start speaking, as if they are better than the rest, as if what they have to say is the ultimate truth, I see so many fingers pointing in so many directions except in the only direction that matters, within. If it makes you happy (truly truly happy) to post selfies DO IT! If it makes you happy to take your followers on a culinary tour, DO IT! If you are fulfilling your dreams of traveling the world and are exploring pure happiness that you want to document forever, DO IT! But if all of this is to feed that little monster inside each of us called ego, who needs reassurance from the outside world, who needs validation from others, who feels its missing out or is not cool enough because you haven’t gone to the trendiest place in town, visited Japan (place of the moment), who thinks you’re not good enough unless you are eating the healthy trends, doing the trendy workouts, joining the latest sport hybrid of dancing and cycling, or anything along the lines of satisfying your ego, then STOP IT! That is the recipe for one and only one thing: FRUSTRATION.

Ego, is not your friend buddy, but it is part of you, and you can’t ignore it. If you do, it will take over you, over who you truly are, over your choices, over the way you speak about others, it will basically start running your life, it will make you think that what you’re doing is making you happy, until you post a photo that gets 0 likes and it makes you feel worthless, or you look around your life and realize you are surrounded by everything yet you feel more alone than ever, ego has the ability to blame all of your problems on others from your unhappiness to your boyfriend/girlfriend cheating on you, for your weight problems, for your lack of confidence, you name it, ego will find who to blame for it, every one is a suspect, everyone BUT YOU.

We have one person we will be with forever, and that person is YOU, go make peace with it, let your ego know it will be going on a world tour vacation outside of your head and start building your life with the intention of falling in love with YOU, and only YOU. The rest will fall into place when the time is right. If you want to live a life that is active on social media, please do, by all means, but pleaseeeee pleaseeeee stop being mean, egocentric, and a terrible human being and start being true to yourself, loving and accepting of your true self, please share love, kindness, joy, passion, peace. Throw light arrows, not dark!