Values:Exercise Edition

This is an interesting exercise that will allow you to first hand understand and apply the information and concepts that are being discussed. This is a Values Clarification Worksheet which will allow you to sort out some of your top-rated values so that you can understand the rules by which you live your life.

The directions:

*note: the directions were taken directly from the work sheet*

Values Clarification:

Having contemplated some important values, Fill out the following Personal Values Work- sheet. This process is designed to further clarify values you hold dear.

Column A: Identify how well you feel you've satisfied each value.

Use the following scale:

0 = not at all

1 = slightly

2 = some

3 = fairly well

4 = considerably well

5 = extremely well

Column B: Identify how you would feel if your current satisfaction of this value were significantly reduced.

Use the following:

0 = not at all concerned

1 = slightly concerned

2 = somewhat concerned

3 = quite concerned

4 = considerably concerned

5 = extremely concerned

Column C: Identify how you would feel if your current satisfaction of this value were significantly increased.

Use the following:

0 = indifferent

1 = slightly happier

2 = somewhat happier

3 = much happier

4 = considerably happier

5 = extremely happier

Column D: Add columns B and C together and place a total in column D. This reflects the relative importance of each personal value to you. Place an asterisk (*) next to the five or six personal values that have the highest score in column D. Review the five or six values you placed an asterisk next to, and ask yourself the following questions:

• As I think back on my experiences (job, career, life), do these values seem to be the most important values for me? If not, what changes do I need to make?

• How do my five or six most important personal values from the worksheet compare with the satisfaction scores in column A? On which values do I want to increase my satisfaction?

Important next Step. From the results of your Personal Values Worksheet and your self questioning, list the five personal values that are most important to you. The order of listing makes no difference. But place a 10 beside the value you decide is the most important to you (in the Importance Weight column). Compare the other four values to your first choice and assign each an appropriate number from 1 through 9. Ask yourself such questions as, “ Is this value about 80 percent as important as my first value?” If so, assign that value an Importance Weight of 8. Continue until all five values have been weighted. Each of your five values should have a different weighting.

This worksheet will hopefully clear up your understanding of your values and allow you to progress through your leadership skills.