Islamic applications on SmartPhones

With the progression of time, Muslims everywhere throughout the world are being denied of their major or the most imperative religious information and/or rehearses. This is for the most part in view of the progression in innovation. As innovation advances, we’re more inspired by utilizing our phones instead of performing bathing for petitions to God or presenting the heavenly Quran. To put it plainly, we’re getting to be lazier by the day. Playing a computer game on our cell phone or viewing a motion picture on it while lying ‘cuddled up’ in the bed appears to be route less demanding than receiving in return and performing petitions to God. This is the pitiful truth. This is the place instructed Muslims have influence: planning applications, so Muslims can have the Quran, ayya, surah, Islamic timetable, Life of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and so forth in the palm of their hands. Along these lines Muslims are urged to profit by these applications subsequently winning sawab for themselves and the application fashioners (and every one of the individuals who helped in bringing the application on the play store). A portion of the Islamic applications on google play (the main 10) alongside their depiction and advantages are recorded beneath:

Dua e Qunoot

Read Dua e Qunoot in Urdu and English Translation with mp3 audio.This app helps you read the text of the supplication as well as facilitates you in learning to the Dua e Qunoot. It also contains English Translation and audio recitation of dua e qunoot.The Application also contains Dua e Qunoot in mp3 which can be listen by the muslims around the world.

It has been narrated in Abu Dawud that the Messenger of Allah used to recite al-Qunoot whenever a major difficulty or disaster befell the Muslims. Why not follow this Sunnah of our beloved Prophet and learn the Dua (Supplication).

Ayatul Kursi with Urdu Translations

This Ayatul Kursi application brings an opportunity to read to beautiful recitation of highly blessed Verse of Holy Quran present in second Chapter of the Holy Quran. It contains Urdu translation of ayatul kursi. Read and memorize great ayat of Holy Quran.

There is a hadith about reading ayatul kursi “If anyone recites in the morning, Ha-Meem (of Surah Mumin) to Ilayhil Maseer (3rd aayah of the surah) and Aayatul Kursi, he will be guarded (from all kinds of evil) by them till the evening. And if anyone recites them in the evening he will be guarded by them till the morning.” TIRMIZI

12 Rabi ul Awal Eid Milad ul Nabi

Celebrate jashn e Eid Milad ul Nabi by reading sayings of holy Prophet PBUH. The application gives you information related to the Holy Prophet PBUH. Rabi ul Awwal is the 3rd month according the islamic calendar and 12 rabi ul awwal is the birth date of Holy Prophet Hazrat muhammad PBUH. Read Sayings of Holy Prophet and increase your knowledge about Holy Prophet PBUH.

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