Pinkwater: Perfect for Fuel Storage Tank Cleaning, Vapor Suppression, Emergency Spill Clean-Up and Other Industrial Applications

With so many different products on the market today targeting specific industrial applications, it’s hard to find one product that can be highly effective in many applications. That is, until you try Pinkwater, manufactured by The BioSolve Company. Pinkwater, sold as a Hydrocarbon Mitigation Agent, is a blend of non-ionic surfactants and other performance additives that can be used to control oil with water in a wide range of applications. Everyone knows that oil and water don’t mix, but with Pinkwater, oil and water will mix, forming a stable emulsion.

Pinkwater will completely remove oil-based products from all surfaces, including, metal, concrete, asphalt, clothing and soil. And when used with sufficient agitation, Pinkwater will suppress vapors resulting from fuel spills, reducing flammability risk. Excellent surface cleaning properties and effective vapor suppression make Pinkwater the preferred choice for oil spill clean-up, fuel tank cleaning, and a wide range of surface cleaning applications for industrial operations, including parking lots, loading docks and shop floors as well as process & mechanical equipment. When used for vapor suppression and odor control, it protects individuals from potentially harmful VOC emissions and minimizes nuisance odors.

In the oil industry, Pinkwater is used by leading oil companies for cleaning and decontaminating tools & equipment at drilling rigs, remediation sites, refineries, and maintenance operations. Pinkwater not only removes oily and greasy residue from equipment in one pass but also can be used to clean expensive personal protective equipment (PPE) soiled by oil-based products.

BioSolve’s Pinkwater is one of the best oil spill cleanup products on the market. First, Pinkwater completely eliminates oily and greasy residue from all surfaces leaving no hazardous slick spots. Second, Pinkwater eliminates fire and explosion hazard when aggressively sprayed directly onto a fuel spill and mixed thoroughly. Third, Pinkwater is biodegradable and accelerates biodegradation of most oil products.

Pinkwater plays an essential role in fuel storage tank cleaning and degassing. Both, large and small fuel storage tanks can be cleaned and degassed with the help of Pinkwater. Pinkwater is most often used during the final cleaning of large and small tanks to reduce LELs prior to manned entry especially prior to maintenance requiring cutting and welding.

Pinkwater is shipped as a concentrate and must be diluted before using. The typical working solution for Pinkwater is between 2% and 8%. Pinkwater is completely soluble in water in all proportions.
Pinkwater is easy-to-use, safe for workers and the environment and a highly effective cleaning, spill clean-up and vapor suppression / odor control agent.

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Author’s Bio:-The author is an avid blogger. This article is about using Pinkwater for fuel storage tank cleaning, oil spill clean-up, and vapor suppression.

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