Are Hashtags Really Important In Social Media?

There might be only a few social media users who might not have heard about the term hashtag. Hashtags have gained immense popularity in social media and has become an important aspect of advertising campaigns. It has become an enhanced way of expressing the thought or a trending topic of discussion among users in social media. Since the words were put together in a hashtag without any spaces, there were instances in which message was not transmitted to the users in the right way especially while interpreting the message followed by a hashtag.

Relevance of hashtag while searching

Hashtags are considered to be effective among site visitors especially while they want to search for a content related to specific topics and also the topics that are of discussion among the social media users. The searching functionality using hashtags in social media platforms are similar to the way in which users search in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. Most of the users are successful in getting the topics they were searching for by combining words with hashtag in social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube etc.

The more the conversation, content and updates are optimized using hashtags, the more it becomes visible in the search engines and social media platforms. The hashtags can be used in each of the social media platforms. Users can find their topic of interest just by clicking or searching for a hashtag along with the words in the search page.

How to register a hashtag?

Hashtags can be registered using websites such as as well as Even though it is difficult to prevent other users from making use of a hashtag, you can claim a hashtag to be the one that is integral to your discussion around a trademark or promotional campaign etc.

Using Hashtags

Hashtags can be used as a tool to promote user engagement by sharing it with social media profiles as well as related website in a blog post etc. There was a time when Hashtags were meant only for Twitter, but times have changed and hashtags has become a popular social media tool for user engagement.

Social media tips for using Hashtags

If you know how to effectively make use of hashtags, then it can take your brand popularity to the next level. It helps you identify the reach and frequency of a particular topic among a wider audience. Thus you will be able to analyze the sentiment of the users by understanding what your customers are talking about your product, how the competitors are performing and how the media perceives a topic that is related to the products or services offered by your company.


Hashtags are considered one of the most preferred techniques in getting people engage in a discussion. Topics with hashtags are considered among the trending topics in the social media platforms such as Twitter.

Distribution of the breaking news and emergencies

Hashtags were helpful in spreading message about help for the people of those areas that are affected with tragedies such as tornadoes, earthquakes and similar kind of natural disasters. It helps the breaking news reach among a wider audience instantly at a time when media such as television and print might not be accessible. Hashtags are also used in sharing happy news as well as fun updates.

Event promotion

Hashtags helps in effectively promoting an event including connecting users before the event, during the event and after the event.

Hashtags for satisfying customers

Hashtags is among a few ways in which customers themselves can promote the brand if they are satisfied with the brand’s products or services. Companies can also announce special offers and other discounts using hashtags for attracting the attention of the customers and thereby increasing the sales of the products or services offered by the companies.


Thus there is no doubt that Hashtags has grown significantly in becoming an important essential in social media platforms.