Know More About Noni Fruit Before Buying Healthy Noni Powder And Fruit Juice

Also referred to as Indian Mulberry, Hag Apple or Ice Leaf, noni is a fruit that has been popular for the past 2000–3000 years. Scientifically known as Morinda Citrifolia, noni fruit was widely sought-after among ancient Polynesians. About a thousand years ago, ancient Polynesians made use of a variety of plants for medicinal purposes, and that too based on trial and error. It was during this period that noni was discovered. Noni leaves as well as fruit were quite popularly used in the Polynesian history. Owing to the same, Polynesians brought the noni plant with them in canoes during the time when they colonized new islands throughout the Pacific. If we talk about today’s time, noni can be found in the Caribbean, South America, India, the Philippines, and many other places.

Massively sought-after among the people of the tropics all over the world, noni fruit has been used for centuries as a major food source. In today’s time, while people in Malaysia call it Mengkudu, Southeast Asians know it by the name of Nhau. In the islands of the South Pacific, the noni plant is known as Nonu. Likewise, it is called as nono in Raratonga and Tahiti, and noni in the Marquesas Islands and Hawaii. Also, learn that noni was considered to be a sacred plant in Ayurveda and is mentioned in ancient texts as Ashyuka, which in Sanskrit means “longevity.” Noni became popular among Europeans when in the late 1770s, they began exploring the islands of the South Pacific and found the use of noni quite common among the native people. Even captain James Cook’s own journals mention his observation of individuals of the island making use of noni. You would be surprised to know that during World War II, soldiers based in tropic Polynesian islands were taught by the native Polynesian people to eat the noni fruit so that they can sustain their strength.

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