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Digging deeper into the implications of having work addiction

There’s a very sneaky button I accidentally click whenever I search for some books for my kindle named buy with one click — which does exactly what it says. It takes the money and sends the book to your device in an instant. Other than being a useful feature, it made me buy by mistake some very expensive e-books on management and decision making processes. One time I also bought a book written by a cultural historian on the topic of religious judgementalism. …

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Lessons learned in an Indian ashram

It was 4 in the morning and I was at the airport desperately searching for a strong cup of coffee.

As a proud workaholic, I managed to gather a total of 12 hours of sleep in the past three days, and in that very moment, I cared for nothing but some well-deserved rest. It was ridiculous, really, since this was an escape I’ve been planning for almost one year. I used to survive by counting the days and imagining myself there. Two months, by myself, in India.

I was waiting for the boarding to begin and my existential nihilistic crisis…

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How combined efforts can help in managing depression and anxiety

One month into the new year and I was already packing my bags for a two month journey in India.

Many people labeled this as holiday, vacation or self-discovery journey. Far, very far from the truth. The story was so much complicated in reality, that I couldn’t disclose it completely over a coffee, and certainly not to everyone.

The decision to leave was the first one I made for myself in years. If not, ever. And a very good move for my general mental health.

I was 15 the first time I got in therapy. Private sessions & group therapy…

Alina Ioana Petrea

Designer & Yoga teacher. Mental health advocate ✎ I write about depression, anxiety and workaholism from a personal perspective.

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