Too much wisdom

In the information era there is plenty of wisdom samples everywhere: quotes on your desktop, calendar pages, mass messages forwarded by benevolent friends, cupcakes and cheap lighters.

Facing the paradox of abundance, useful and effective knowledge seems further away.

I found this MOOC on positive psychology on the digital land and I think everyone could benefit from a deeper understanding of human existence. Following a multidisciplinary pragmatic angle, with insights from neuroscience, biology, sociology or cognitive sciences, and providing some practical tools you would have the access to a more (at least a bit) satisfied and meaningful life. I am pretty skeptical about wellbeing writings, but this course is much more than that.

Being fascinated about both the positive and negative human experiences spectrum, I will dedicate some more in depth writings to cover this subjects.

Next: The Happiness Hypothesis, a reading that expands your perception about life, by Jonathan Haidt, one of my favorite philosophers.

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