Assadist @stopimperialism Lost Syria Intervention Debate, Now Wants ‘Dialogue’

Food for thought.

What is the probability of the Aleppo siege being broken from the north by the forces integral to Euphrates Shield? I ask this because the direction of attack was presumed to be against ISIS, that is towards Al-Bab. But as of the past few days, the thrust and momentum of the Turkish/FSA advance has dramatically shifted towards the Kurds at Tal Rifaat. If the Kurds retreat before this onslaught, it will expose the previously undisturbed loyalist force behind the Kurds. They will suddenly be faced with the prospect of two FSA/Turkish forces converging on them from the north and south simultaneously. I’ve heard rumors of Turkish forces entering Aqrabat to reinforce the FSA south of Jinderes and the Kurdish territory. In addition to these rumors, I’ve noticed an uptick in Russian and Assad diplomatic complaints and discomfort at the direction of thrust of Euphrates Shield. All this in addition to the loyalist inability to digest and cleanse the Aleppo pocket, leads me to expect a serious escalation of the situation to the advantage of the revolution, and to the detriment of Assad and his puppeteers. Even without directly entering besieged Aleppo from the North, the very threat of the collapse of the Kurdish/loyalist front between Tal-Rifaat and Anadan, should force Assad to withdraw scarce resources and forces from other fronts in order to prevent this threatened collapse from materializing. This will effectively change the facts on the ground from Aleppo to Hama and beyond, to the advantage of the rebels. You have more contacts with access to better information than I do. Can you confirm or deny this strategy/theory as constructed by me? I feel, if confirmed, it would be a very useful factor in rejuvenating morale among the supporters of the revolution. It’ll in the least give you a fertile base from which to develop your next article. And you need not credit me with the results either, since you’ll be doing all the research and writing. It’s gratifying enough for me to lift the spirits of our revolutionaries engaged in unequal battle inside besieged Aleppo. Hope you find this useful.

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