Is learning Ruby on Rails actually a piece of cake?

study ruby on rails

Once you know Rails, you can’t unknow it.

Ruby on Rails is probably one of the few frameworks that developers keep coming back to.

But how come? What drives developers to learn Ruby on Rails?

And most importantly: Is it hard to learn?

Why do developers learn Ruby on Rails?

#1: Philosophy

learn ruby on rails

Because it is FUN

Ruby on Rails is a web framework of the programming language — Ruby. Just like Ruby that is heavily focused on making developers happy and coding fun, Ruby on Rails has carried on the tradition of keeping developers passionate and joyful.

This kind of attitude towards developers has greatly raised the bar for other languages and frameworks. It has become harder to compete with Rails.

#2: Syntax

learning ruby on rails

Oh, the coding masterpiece!

Clear and consistent that’s what characterizes Rails syntax. Plus, Rails has principles, that come in handy for every developer, such as Convention over Configuration (CoC) and Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY).

These principles give newbies an opportunity to grasp the basics of the framework more quickly. Moreover, it shortens the code and makes it more readable.

#3: Salary

why learn ruby on rails

Money, Money, Money is my Honey

It is no secret that there are not THAT many Rubyists in the world. But good Ruby on Rails developers is a rare breed.

That’s why the salaries are high ’cause there aren’t many competitors in the field.

According to Stackoverflow, Ruby’s developers are considered to have one of the highest salaries in the world.

Stackoverflow a list of highest salaries

#4: Community

is ruby on rails hard to learn

Be part of something BIG

Rails community is extremely passionate and dedicated. There are a couple of them out there, like on Github, StackOverflow and Dev.

If you are just starting out, Rails community will be your safety net and a mentor in learning all the ins and outs of this framework. Not to mention the help that experienced developers give.

If you ever wonder how big of a Rails community is it, then I suggest looking into the number of questions where Ruby on Rails have been mentioned and the number of contributors.

So, according to StackOverflow, there have been almost 312,000 posts mentioning Rails.

Plus, over the years more than 5,000 people have contributed to Ruby on Rails. Amazing, right?

#5: Gems

learning ruby on rails with no programming experience

That’s my kind of ‘gem’!

Ever heard of gems? No, no, these are not some precious stones that you buy at a store. Well, in a way they are… but not really.

A ‘gem’ is an open-source code that you can use for your project. Basically, it is a library.

So, why is everybody obsessed with these gems?

Because they simplify and speed up the development process! What’s more to wish for?

You can easily find these gems in RoR’s communities, plus don’t forget to check out Github, there are lots of them there too.

#6: Speed

ruby on rails learning resources

It’s a racing machine!

The modern world requires developers to be fast and effective. A customer won’t wait around a lifetime to see you finish the work.

Rails may be a saviour in terms of development speed. Two parties benefit from speed: both a developer and a customer.

Developer’s benefit

why should i learn ruby on rails

Customer’s benefit

start learning ruby on rails

It’s a win-win!

Is Ruby on Rails hard to learn?

I would say that ‘hard’ has a very subjective meaning.

Say, you are a developer that has been learning, for example, PHP for the past 2 years and decided to switch to Ruby. I would say that it shouldn’t be difficult for you to learn Ruby and Rails all together.

However, if you come with a very limited technical background or planning to learn Ruby on Rails with no programming experience and have no logical set of mind, then ‘yes’, learning Ruby on Rails from scratch may seem hard to you. But with the right resources and motivation, you’ll be unstoppable.

The beauty of Ruby and Rails is that there are many Ruby on Rails learning resources, platforms and courses that we’ll help you get the grasp of what Ruby and Rails actually is.

In a nutshell, Ruby on Rails is a great web framework for learning. It has a number of advantages over other frameworks, such as:

  • Philosophy designed for developers’ convenience
  • Syntax that is easy to understand
  • High rates for developers’ salaries
  • Big and vibrant community
  • A lot of libraries that help to speed up the development process

In terms of learning, Rails is neither easy nor hard. It stands in the middle. Though it is not every beginners’ choice, it’s definitely a choice of those who want to upgrade themselves.

learn ruby on rails

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