How I Plan On Quitting My Online Shopping Addiction

I’ve become very obsessed with online shopping lately. Prior to my recent obsession, I hardly shopped unless I needed something. For the longest time, I was also not a fan of shopping for things like clothing online. I also didn’t want to deal with shipping costs and my packages somehow never getting delivered. However, maybe it was due to the influence of friends who love to online shop or the fact I was starting to get too busy (or lazy) to leave the house, it wasn’t long before I got sucked into online shopping. I don’t know exactly how I got here but the truth is, online shopping is incredibly addicting. It’s incredibly easy to buy things, and there’s so many products to browse.

All of this seemed rather harmless at first. I mean it’s fun. There’s so many things to see and buy online. How could I resist all the good prices and deals? As time went by though, I realized that this shopping addiction is actually negatively impacting my life. It consumes a lot of my time that I could be spending on more valuable things. It makes me spend recklessly. As a result, I decided I needed to make some changes.

First Step: Create a Goal

The first thing I want to do is to create a measurable goal. What do I mean when I say I want to quit shopping? I mean, I don’t really think I need to stop shopping for the rest of my life. I decided that my specific goal is to limit shopping to once a month. Once a month, I’m allowed to shop online or hit up the mall. That’s it, just once a month.

Second Step: Adjust My Mindset

The second thing I think I really need to do is to change my mindset. I think when it comes to online shopping, it’s really easy to get sucked in because of the instant gratification. You can just buy a new item with the click of a button. However, the problem with this is that the happiness that comes with buying something new is fleeting. Before you know it, you want more. The truth is, depending on material things to make me happy just doesn’t work. It never truly feels fulfilling. As a result, I am deciding that I want to focus on things that matter to me more, and to be thankful for what I already have.

Third Step: Remove the Triggers

The third step is to start removing all the shopping triggers. This means removing anything that reminds me or tempts me to shop. For one, I need to start removing all those promotional emails. I also plan on unsubscribing from Youtubers that do those shopping haul videos. I am also going to remove all those shopping apps on my phone. I’m not going to lie, this won’t be easy. However, I feel that this is a necessary step in limiting my urges to shop.

Fourth Step: Put Away My Money

The fourth step is to put away my money so I am less likely to spend. I plan on putting my money into some savings accounts or investment accounts so that it’s away from sight. With less money lying around, I am less likely to spend.

Fifth Step: Keep Busy

The fifth step is to keep busy. I plan on putting my energy and time towards other more healthy activities and hobbies that I enjoy. I want to start exercising and reading more with the time I end up saving from not constantly shopping. This is probably the part I look forward to most!

Last Step: Commit

The last step in my plan is to commit. I need to commit to this plan and my goals in order to succeed in controlling this shopping addiction and fulfilling my goals. I hope that this plan works out and that I start putting more of my time and money into more important things. I know that there will be ups and downs along the way, but I am also determined to make this happen.

So this is my plan on how I am going to fix my shopping addiction problem. Wish me luck!

And last but not least, I would like to thank you for reading my article. If you’re also going through the same thing, I would love to hear how you plan on tackling your shopping addiction. Leave a comment, and I’d be happy to read it!