virtual sex.

what is it about virtual sex that really turns us on? and by virtual sex I mean the classic hot chat small talk that ends up in a fast exchange of really hot messages just to make each other get off.

is it a whole experience of words? is it a solitary experience? or can we trust it as another way of actually ‘having sex’ with another person? can we consider the messages from the other side as really interacting with another sex? or is it all just a nasty self-masturbatory game?

besides, do words really matter in this subject? I would say they do. they say men are more visual, well, in that case, I would bet that women are more imaginative. while men are dying to have you sending them a pretty lame picture with what is meant to be your cunt/ass/tits (and they are never good pictures), as a woman, I can say I have never been fond of any erect dick pictures. they do not turn me on. instead, whenever I read the words: hard, wet, lick, tongue, slap, choke, pull hair, neck, kiss, lips (just to only name some), immediately the images come to my head and I can see myself actually getting on. it’s the magic of the words. whenever you say ‘tongue’ I can not only imagine the ‘tongue’ I prefer, but imagine as well all the amazing things that can be done with it. that is why I believe that us, women, are more able to be turned on by words (and I mean the ‘appropriate’ ones) than hard-on dick pictures.

as opposed to men, of course, who are just dying to see as little as you will let them of you. they will imagine the rest too.

still, having all this said, I can not think virtual sex as a completely satisfying experience, since most of the times I’ve had one, it felt awfully awkward after it having to face that person in real life, least of all having to establish a ‘for real’ sexual experience. what happens to all those said words? where do they go? why can virtual sex really mess up having real good sex with someone? even more, how can it be possible to have great online sex and then lame sex in the bed? i’m not talking statistics here, but still, it is something I can’t help but wonder… what is it about virtual sex that is so hot and yet so lame at the same time? can it really be more satisfying than real sex in terms of avoiding all the awkward possibilities that run into two people deciding to get some pleasure together? is it easier to do it on your own, with a little help from a ‘friend’?

in my personal experience, all I can say is that the after math of virtual sex is not even as near as what sharing a full body to body experience means. in the end, even with all the odds of real sex, I always find it more fulfilling to come together and then be able to cuddle or share a cigarette.

virtual sex is lonely, it always is, it will always be.