AniME-ME: a self-made filmmaker among us

Daniyar Irgaliev is an example of a person who followed his passion, and success followed back.

Daniyar is a third-year student at American University in Bulgaria (AUBG), who just started making his first steps towards his dream of becoming a filmmaker. When he came to AUBG, three years ago, he thought of pursuing a Computer Science degree as he was interested in coding and programming. However, at AUBG he discovered some other talents he never showed interest in before. After being exposed to so many opportunities on campus and seeing the creative perspective in the student clubs, such as More Honors (MH) club, he decided to let his creativity run wild.

“It resurfaced out of nowhere,” laughs Daniyar.

He started helping the club with editing their videos for different occasions without any background knowledge. He says that Google and Youtube were his main sources of information and tutoring. Over 2 months he learnt not only how to make the basic editing but also learned the importance of oftenly overlooked qualities of narrative and character development.

“I find a movie to be a composition. You cannot have a good video without well-developed characters, just like you cannot have good music without a catchy tune,” explains Irgaliev.

Last year he managed to produce a few videos that got him the attention of a closed alumni community. As a result, he got his internship in Sofia in a company many of this country’s young filmmakers would dream about. There he got a real-life working experience of sharing his ideas with the top creative minds of Bulgaria.

One of his initiatives that took off in the AUBG community was creating the ironic closed Facebook group for the current AUBG students. There, everyone could post university-related memes or just discuss everything that is involved in their everyday lives. It was meant to be as a group for students to vent their frustrations regarding school work as well as organizational structure of the university. The group became viral among AUBG community because they loved the idea that he was trying to convey. It was relatable to every student.

All of it contributed to his success among his peers on campus and professors from different departments.

“I even became a student assistant for one of the professors from our JMC department, professor Giles,” he proudly shares.

Currently, he is helping others with their JMC assignments, edits videos for different student clubs, and freelances whenever he has inspiration and time from a busy schedule, and works part-time for the company he worked for as an intern this summer.

(Mina Zivotin, Alina Timchenko)