I’m here, in Barcelona, at Ironhack

I’ve been thinking about it for months and I told you already that this was gonna happen, but now it’s finally here. It feels so normal that it’s weird. Tomorrow is my first day as an official Ironhacker and I’m thrilled!

Marjon and I proudly wearing our Ironhack t-shirts

Quick recap: Ironhack is “Digital Education for the 21st Century” as they like to call it. I signed up for a Web Development Bootcamp and I’m about to fit as much knowledge in this little head as I can for these next two months. As a student at Ironhack I will be learning some programming fundamentals such as:

  • Dev Environment Setup
  • Basics of the web (computing & networks)
  • Basics of programming (control flow & data structures)
  • Project collaboration using Github

Then, we’ll head straight into the dark corners of the back end development. The topics that I’ll study include:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Software architecture (OOP & MVC)
  • Relational databases & ORMs
  • Test driven development
  • APIs using Node.js

Lastly, I’ll be playing around with some front end tools such as:

  • CSS, LESS & Sass
  • JavaScript
  • JavaScript Libraries (jQuery)
  • Responsive Design

There’s quite a lot, but I’m confident that it’ll somehow stick. It must. What do I have to do in sunny Barcelona other than study?

Maybe go to the beach, go sight seeing, drink cocktails in the moonlight and just enjoy life…but no, coding is much more exciting than that. That’s me not having fun.

Ok, as I was saying, I am finally here. It was tough to leave everything behind, but this is what I wanted to do, so I’ll accept the consequences. I quit my job, left my boyfriend in Amsterdam, moved to Barcelona and I’m going to be using all my savings.

Last Friday I already met most of my colleagues. Didn’t know what to expect, but PHEW! they’re nice. They’re so nice, that we spent our first night together shooting flaming shots. Can’t complain yet. I met some of my teachers as well and they seemed patient. I hope they stay this way :)

The class starts tomorrow at 9am. We’re ready. Looking forward to my morning ride through the city and to my first day as an Ironhacker. Let’s code code code!