Why is web development just as important as design? This is one of those questions that has made its way around most digital agencies in some shape or form. Quite often this debate has resulted in a bit of animosity between development and design teams. This is especially true when it comes to looming deadlines and fast vanishing budgets.Well, the answer isn’t simple, not from a developer’s point of view at least. Any one of us developers will always tell you that development isn’t as important as design. Yet, our role is more important. After all, all designers do is draw pictures and we do all the hard work.

Agencies usually focus on the client’s identity thus the development is often an afterthought. This is understandable. Most clients want to see the visuals and in some cases a prototype that has the “wow” factor, not sheets of code. However, the code is what makes it work together.What seems trivial from a visual perspective, may take a developer longer to code to get the desired finish. This problem can result in one of two outcomes. One: the design department or account manager has to backtrack and tell a client the design won’t work. Or two: the agency sucks up the cost of the added hours for a developer to put the code in place.
Too often I’ve seen digital projects that are quoted as “a straightforward design”. Yet they turn into these huge over budget failures. This is all because development time and cost wasn’t taken into consideration earlier on in the process. Likewise, I’ve seen scenarios where developers have suppressed design creativity. Again, all because they feel something is impossible to achieve within the constraints of the brief. This is frustrating for the designer and client who have already imagined the end result.

Anyway back to the question; development is just as important as design. The most successful projects worked on have been when there was less distinction between the teams. Yes, there was a development team and there was a design team but the two worked together in harmony. Three things happened often in these projects. One: at least one member of each team was present during client talks. Two: ideas from both sides were discussed in a way that wouldn’t curb creativity. Three: creative ideas wouldn’t force developers into trying to achieve the impossible. This three rule combination made projects hugely successful for both the agencies and the clients. And for both web development and web design services you can come to techwrath.com.au and get the best services for your business in Australia.

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