Read & watched: interesting links

  • A guy wrote a heartfelt piece on what’s wrong with a programming sector. Seems like the software industry is facing a huge crisis. Having nothing in common with programming, found it mega interesting.
  • How to think like a Renaissance person. This article argues that having expertise in many disciplines is better than being a narrow-focused specialist. The idea feels right, especially when you don’t know what part of expertise can be overtaken by technology. Our “lifelong specialties” might go useless by the next year. Similar: The extended mind (haven’t read yet)
  • “We have always told horror stories, and we always will.” Aeon’s essay on why people love horrors.
  • Mind-breaking tour on how WWII Enigma machines worked (got lost at the math part)
  • An energizing talk with Vishen Lakhiani on brain transformation. Especially liked the part when they discuss more active meditation practices that don’t include so hyped “mindfulness” or slow breathing techniques.