Can you hear me?

Can you?

Why didn’t we talk about it? Not even once, not even twice. I guess we should’ve talked about it.

Problem is: do we care? Or we’re so selfish that we don’t even minded? Fair enough, I own you that. I own you nothing, my mind is set up to forgive and forgot and that’s all.

They’ve told me: not once, but twice. DO NOT OVERTHINK THIS. Did I? I’m so sorry, I’m so selfish. I care, but you don’t. Our draft cannot be saved. We cannot be finded, but we found ourselves right here, right now.

None of us care, but still we’re here. You’re here for me, I’m here for you. I REPEAT, DO NOT OVERTHINK THIS. IT’S NOT GOOD FOR YOU. I dare you, I fucking dare you not to do it.

Are we going to be able to forget about us? I think that’s the overthinking talking, pardon me. Love is to die, they once told me. Shouldn’t have believed.

Size defeat us