“Save the best for last” is a stupid quote

“Save the best for last” is an euphemism for “start with the worst”.

How about, when facing a plate full of options, start with the best instead? Who knows if you are still hungry after some bites. Who knows if you still have room and energy for it later. It is at your hungriest, that is, the very first bites, that everything tastes and looks best. It’s the first bites that take the best out of your senses and energy.

Why is it then, that so many times we start our days with the mediocre tasks, the routines, the have-to’s that don’t take us anywhere we would like to. Working on our passions and dreams just after we have given away the the hungry bites of the day, over and over again.

The weight of looking at the shiny best after eating the worst and, without much room left, not being able to enjoy or even go through with the best anymore. Stop feeding yourself with the worst first. Now would you feel any guilt if you had started with the best and just left the worst there instead?