Expand love through "and's" and dissolving "but's"

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We are perfect as we are, and we need to grow.

This sentence came to me a few years ago, and it has since been a tremendous teacher of self-love.

I am perfect as I am, and so are you. Still, that is not the whole truth. If we accept our perfection, we find an excuse to stay just as we are, in our comfort zone.

We are here to grow, to expand, to love more, to create more, to shape our reality to transform this world into a much more joyful, beautiful, connected kingdom. Yet, if that is all…

Choosing life at every breath

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How much joy, love, and connection can you take in? When we stop to think about it, it is easy to think we can and want more. But if we see our daily lives in practice, how easily we get in autopilot mode and focus on things that do not bring us much joy, it seems we easily set for less.

Our lives may be perceived as successful (well-paid job, good looking, nice family, strong friends). Caught up in a routine of work caring for efficiency with a busy schedule and a bunch of admin tasks, deep down we know…

Life is about the sacrifices we choose

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We hate the word sacrifices, but there’s no life without them.

We sacrifice long lunch breaks to go to work. We refrain from spending more money today so we can save for that holiday.

Don’t like the word sacrifice? Fine. Life is about making choices. Exchanges. Trade-offs. Opening one door and thereby closing another one. This or that. Saying yes to one thing is automatically saying no to a bunch of other things. Whatever we say no to, we sacrifice.

We do this all the time, and rarely have any issues with it. In moments of clarity, where we just…

Feeling confused, and without direction in life? Here is why

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Given that you are surely going to die, how could you give yourself the gift of a well-spent life?

That’s a big question. Add to it “who am I?”, “why am I here?” and “what is my purpose?”, and we got ourselves walking in vulcanic quicksand.

We, who were granted the freedom to choose for ourselves, are lost amidst infinite possibilities. All we want is simple, straight, concrete, practical answers to the questions above — yet, that is the one thing we don’t get. No wonder confusion seems to be the natural state of my millennial generation.

Freedom comes with…

Tell me what you are ashamed of and I will tell you where you are giving your power away

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Shame. We all feel it. How many of these have you experienced in the last month?

The shame of overeating, of not knowing what we want, of binge-watching YouTube, of drunk texting, of being anxious and over-worrying, of being single, of lying and cheating to get what we want, of how we’ve treated others, of judging and looking down on people, of being selfish, of having dated that weird person, of returning home after a long time abroad emptyhanded, of not having accomplished much, of our body, of how that friend behaves in social gatherings, of saying no, of being…

And who says that is a bad thing?

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One gift I don’t have is that of memory. I don’t remember what 80% of the books I’ve read or movies I’ve watched were actually about. Yet, I will always remember the idea that “the natural tendency of all things is to get worse” which I read as a teenager in the book In Search of the Miraculous by P. D. Ouspensky. Not only that, but many years ago I repeated this sentence to a friend, who up until today still reminds me of it whenever we meet. Talking about some ideas having an impact on ys.

Is putting effort…

Mindfulness is only half of the journey

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We live in a world that is constantly throwing demands on us. Be independent, be disciplined, be physically fit, be a loving and caring friend, be honest, be young and social, be inclusive, consume environmentally-friendly products.

What’s worse, our minds are pretty good at catching all these social constructs and repeating them to us… over and over again. And just like that, we got an intensely demanding and unloving dialogue running in our minds.

No wonder mindfulness has become such a big thing: our minds are far from being peaceful territories.

Mindfulness is the act of being aware, present, attentive…

It's time to embrace your superpower of shaping reality

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A beautiful way we humans differ from the animal kingdom is our ability to shape reality.

Here is a not-so-crazy thought: the human world we live in is our creation. Everything that surrounds us came first from a human mind. The chair you are sitting on was nothing but a tree until someone came up with the idea of a chair. The design of your house. The education system. Capitalism.

Someone somewhere had an idea they believed was brilliant and sold it so well to others that it got adopted — at least until someone somewhere comes up with an…

A perspective on divinity in everyday life

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I recently did an online test to identify my strengths. In the test results, participants get their five top strengths, followed by other so-called “medium strengths”.

Whether the test results were valid or not is beyond the point of this piece. Yet some of the results were quite obvious to me. Perspective, which I consider to be my utmost superpower, was indeed among my top strengths.

But there was one particular strength among the top five which shocked me: appreciation of beauty and excellence.

It’s not that beauty is something hard for me to spot. Colors in the sky, a…

The never-ending threats to love

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When I think about what holds me back from love, the answer is always myself. Or, more specifically, my fears.

My fears of not being loved back, of committing to something and feeling trapped, of rejection, of losing my freedom, of losing control, of losing power, of failing, of not belonging, of not being good enough, of being betrayed, of not having enough to share, of pain, of being ridiculized. That’s a long list, and it only took me two minutes to come up with it. Even worse, I am sure the list could go on and on.

In fear…

Aline Müller

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