Interviewing open source contributors and trying to understand open source.

Hi, recently I became an open source contributor for LiteracyApp, and now I think everybody should do it.
I will from now on interview open source contributors and try to see what is all this about, answer maybe some of your questions on this subject and maybe this will make you take the step towards open source but not like me, blindly.

Soooo, join me on this journey on finding out what is this all about, I will comment, quote, interview, who knows, maybe say some stupid stuff but I will learn and I hope you learn from my mistakes.

“One thing about open source is that even the failures contribute to the next thing that comes up. Unlike a company that could spend a million dollars in two years and fail and there’s nothing really to show for it, if you spend a million dollars on open source, you probably have something amazing that other people can build on.” Matt Mullenweg

Before my first interview, I want to tell you a bit about LiteracyApp:

We develop open source and scalable software that will enable children in developing countries to teach themselves basic reading, writing and arithmetic.

We need help from different types of people. E.g. content creators, storytellers, designers, photographers, developers, testers, etc.

First interview:

Michael Sladoje, Computer Vision Specialist from Switzerland

What motivates you about the project?

For me education is the main pillar, the foundation for a better world. Contributing to this project seems to be the best way to achieve a broader education.

What exciting technology are you currently using in the project?

We’re using deep neural networks for face recognition to achieve a smooth authentication without the need of remembering a password.

What’s your background?

I studied Computer Science at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. However I’m working for more than 5 years in a Swiss private bank as a test engineer and more currently as a test environment manager. Computer vision and machine learning was our main field in the bachelor thesis this year, where we developed a face recognition framework which runs completely on Android devices.

Why would you encourage others to join?

Give and take. There’s so much I can take from this project that it’s definitely more than I give.

What advice would you give to future open source engineers working in this or other similar projects?

Respect others work and help each other. It’s a win-win situation.

Something else to mention?

Join this project and help us to create a better world!

Thank you and if you’re interested, you consider yourself a learner or you know stuff you can contribute with, join us, we have chocolate.