Jack Kirby — by jack Byrne and Joe Sinnott

So, yesterday was Jack Kirby’s birthday. He would have been 100 years old.

Who’s Jack Kirby? He basically invented comics. The Avengers, Iron Man… even some of the Superman stuff.

It feels weird to talk about it. Because the time that we’re living in… is itself, odd. Nazism is on the rise, as well as some kind of… fascism. And it isn’t happening in Germany. It’s happening in America.

Anyway, Kirby.

A snippet of Kirby’s art from one of his Creator owned comics.

Kirby was a master illustrator. And he was an optimist. And comic book optimism - and morality - is so simple. The good guys win, and the Nazis are the bad guys.

I’m trying to stay on topic.

So, Jack Kirby invented entire worlds.. So many! His work is basically the genome that American comics and animation are built around.

I made a little map showing some of the comics and animated shows that he influenced. Am I nerding out a little? Yes, I am.

Kirby influence — http://imgur.com/JxpLH8G

His imagination… was so *out there*

He had such a powerful imagination and was so prolific.. And he was just, out there. Way out. Which is saying something, since he hit his his stride in the 1960s.

Okay, I’ll wrap it up. If you like all that Marvel universe, or Batman stuff.. You should know Kirby, just a little. Also, Nazis are bad. Apparently, this bears repeating.

(Oh, one last thing. all images are copyright their respective owners.)