Business Holiday Planning: Give Clients and Employees the Gift of a Lavish Off-site

Chicago- and New York City-based upscale event space provider OFFSITE hosted a holiday-themed soiree for event professionals at its West Chicago Loop location.

CHICAGO, IL — As business professionals, it’s at the back of our minds to start reconciling our ledgers by the end of the year. The annual city-wide sprouting of smirking Jack-O-Lanterns that sit outside our neighborhood stores seems to stand watch over the candy corn, shrieking cat cut-outs, Christmas lights and the silver and gold tinsel that await inside. The holidays are coming, so that means we have extra mouths to feed: employees, clients and partners. Luckily, holiday-associated headaches and stress can be outsourced. Thanks, OFFSITE.

Chicago Holiday Hustle

On Wednesday, September 14, holiday stress met its match. Chicago- and New York City-based upscale event space providers OFFSITE hosted about 100 event planners and vendors, marketers, as well as non-profit professionals for the Chicago Holiday Hustle — a swanky holiday-themed soiree; positioning themselves as a premium go-to for businesses planning holiday events.

Top Left: Floral artist Lisa Paul of Color & Company. Right: one of Lisa’s floral art designs. Bottom Left: Rock star bartender from vendor Bartend Chicago. Bottom Middle: OFFSITE Chicago rock star staff member.

Located at 560 W Washington Boulevard, Chicago, IL 60661, OFFSITE provided attendees with a robust selection of snackable items complete with gourmet fixings and an upscale twist: glazed bacon strips, sushi encased in edible rice paper, as well as French macaroons with fruit preserve-filled plastic slivers that attendees could infuse their own treats.

Event vendors and sponsors Blue Plate Catering and Bartend Chicago served as the gracious benefactors of the fine fare.

OFFSITE over-delivered when it comes to experiential marketing.

Life Rhythms performs during OFFSITE Chicago’s Holiday Hustle soiree.

Upping the ante in delivering a touch of class, event sponsor and jazz trio Life Rhythms — founded in 2013 by music director and professionally-trained performance and world percussion musician Noah Plotkin — performed classic and contemporary tunes as attendees networked.

Life Rhythms’ has carved a niche for themselves by facilitating health and wellness in diverse populations through the power of rhythmic music, with designed programs that express the creative spirit, vent stress and re-establish a healthy and beneficial life rhythm.

OFFSITE Chicago Director Madeleine Yastrow.

OFFSITE Chicago Director Madeleine Yastrow and her equally attentive staff mingled with attendees while leading on-the-spot tours of the upscale 4,000 square-foot facility, which was largely adorned with holiday-themed floral art by Lisa Paul of Color & Company. As a parting swag gift, attendees left with a trial-sized can of event sponsor PRESS wrinkle eliminator.

Destined Leader of the Pack

Top: OFFSITE Chicago’s very tech-forward boardroom. Bottom: swag complimentary of event sponsor PRESS.

Since 2012, OFFSITE has gained solid ground in providing businesses seeking an intimate and tasteful experience in delivering unique experiences when holding off-site employee events, ranging from corporate meetings, strategy sessions, client meetings and presentations, to focus groups, product launches and fundraisers or philanthropic networking events.

OFFSITE ensures business professionals planning holiday events have everything they’ll need for an unforgettable holiday season.

Tech Toys

OFFSITE provides the latest in advanced tech devices to keep presentations and team huddles running smoothly. From synced or independent video display on 60″ and 70″ LED 3D TVs on the main floor and two 70″ LED 3-D TVs in the mezzanine, to the iMac desktops and wireless clickers and a modular conference table with built-in A/V integration, an all-day team bootcamp would be a breeze at OFFSITE.

Top Left: Event attendees Tampatha Gibson and Patti Jarrett of Opportunity International. Top Right: Timot McGonagle of Kehoe Designs. Bottom Left: Laura Gagliano and Elise Murry of GLP US Managment LLC. Bottom Right: OFFSITE Chicago rock star staff member.

Surround sound and live music integration, pre-wired live camera-feed available for viewing in any area, conference phone system and video conference capabilities, as well as Wi-Fi are additions to the tech offerings.

If you’re looking to give your team or clients the gift of a memorable off-site event, visit OFFSITE Chicago’s highly-interactive website at or call 312–655–8000.

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