Evolution Of A Project in 8 Clear Steps, Step 6 — Post-production

Aliona Kuznetsova
Jun 22, 2018 · 1 min read

So, for most of the team the project is done now. For me — not so much. Before starting the selection process I like to wait at least a week. The reason being, the day of the photoshoot I remember which photos felt like they will be very cool. So I would tend to chose them in stead of actually cool ones. I think every photographer here gets what I am talking about :)

My philosophy in post prod: I try to make the picture closer to how it was planned in my head — removing unnecessary details and making it more volumed, sometimes splitting cold and warm colors and using my secret filters.

Sometimes I can retouch the same face differently for different purposes. For example in b/w emotional portraits with adult male model I would leave all the skin texture because it holds person’s story (most frequently used facial expressions at least), and with fashion editorial I would retouch the same person almost fully.

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