Evolution Of A Project in 8 Clear Steps, Step 7 — Magazine Submission

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One of the pictures from my online portfolio on Vogue Italia, natural morning light, Nolita, NYC

After the pictures are ready I send them back to the team for team-only viewing. I ask the team to send me all the correct references and style info.

When I now see all the materials I try to get a clear feeling about what magazine the story belongs too. How many looks have we done? How diverse are those looks? Are they main stream or experimental? What is really special about the story?

It’s very important to try to see the story with the fresh eye and write the new statement for it — this time for an editor. After the statement is ready I select several magazines who’s style I feel might fit to the story, then I set my priorities among them and send the pictures out.

The full list of my publications. Got a question about magazine submissions? aliona.kuz@gmail.com

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Many people asked about a photo with fire here — >

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