Introducing Franziska Drummond

Aliona Kuznetsova
Jun 30, 2018 · 1 min read

Until now I did my best to answer as many interesting questions about photography as I can. But there is portion of questions I get, that I am not competent to answer as they require another perspective — the one of model, MUAH, stylist or editor. So every once in a while I will invite some of the best people I worked with to answer your questions for me.

Next week while tutorial part will go as planned, all 3 QA spots (Tue, Thu, Sat) will be dedicated to Franziska’s answers. Please send questions for her to our usual email

Franziska is one of my favorite models ever, we worked together on Water series featured on Dark Beauty Magazine and later on my masterclass in Boston. She is represented by three agencies in RI, MA and NYC while also raising 2 beautiful kids. She is deep, sophisticated and determined person who happens to also be very beautiful. You can read more about her here:

Do send me some good questions guys :)

NextUp: Social Media For Photographers: Viewer’s Perspective

Aliona Kuznetsova

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