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Totally agree on this. I don’t even really call our trials a trial. I call them sandboxes because they are just a means of playing around in the tools in the software usually. A trial is there for someone to start the sales process with you, get to understand what tools are part of the software and start to demo/ask questions with the rep. If you set expectations up front in the sales process about this it will help. When people say oh you have a 30 day trial I say yes that is what is advertised but it is up to me to extend it to you and how long I want to keep you in it. It is a means of learning if you are a good fit for our product, not test every little tool and feature because you can’t do that without actually becoming a customer of a software company usually. Getting yourself in a rat hole here is something that I can admit has happened to me. If you give too much and teach too much and are too hands on in the software during the sales process they won’t ever want to do anything on their own as a customer if and when they do decide to become one.

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