The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Industry

Olive Oil has been known for its health benefits for many years. People who look to eat healthy always try to get their hands on the best quality of olive oil in their local markets. The Olive Oil industry is thriving, with many individual as well as large-scale producers manufacturing their own Olive Oil. However, people find it difficult to pick the right kind of olive oil. Moreover, with the business so prominent, adulteration is also a worrying factor. Today, we will tell you what the best type of olive oil is, and why is it so.

The Best Category: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Oil is generally associated with fat, but there are many kinds of fats, and if you’ve ever sat on a table where this topic was raised, you would know that everyone has their opinion about the different kinds of fats and which ones should be sought or avoided. However, extra virgin olive oil is unique in this sense, for this oil is known to be the healthiest fat in the world.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the pure oil produced by crushing olives. No flavours or preservatives are added to this oil, and it is the best variety of olive oil you can get. Production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a completely mechanical process, and though it does not require a lot of different techniques and processes, it is a meticulous process nonetheless.

Constant attention is required during the process, the best olives need to be selected, and even the temperature in which Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced should be optimum. These are the requirements for getting the best variety of Olive Oil, and if all these things are taken care of, you get Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Importance of Real Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is considered the best because of its dietary values. You can find it as an ingredient in almost all the good recipes in cook books of the world. The fatty acids that are present in Extra Virgin Olive Oil as well as its antioxidant content make it a really healthy supplement for your body. One of its most common benefits is that it reduces risk of heart diseases. It has a modest quantity of Vitamin E and K and is a known fighter of inflammation.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is, therefore, considered the best and is in high demand. However, one must take proper care before purchasing it, for adulteration is quite prevalent in this industry. Many manufacturers dilute Extra Virgin Olive Oil to produce it in larger quantities. Some even add other flavours and market it as Extra Virgin Olive Oil while in reality it is a lower quality of olive oil. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is tested for quality using strict chemical tests and is branded Extra Virgin only if it passes those tests. It has a distinctive bitter taste, with the peppery sensation in the mouth on consuming it being the sign of its quality.

Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Finding Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a little cumbersome at times, but there are some honest and good traders in this business. Texas Angel Oil is one of them. They produce the best quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil using multiple olive types. The different olive types give rise to different kinds of oil, each with its own taste and benefits. It is a trusted source of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as it holds the world record of donating olive oil for charity in the Western Hemisphere. Texas Angel Oil’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil was donated and auctioned off for the Lone Survivor Foundation Charity Gala in Houston, and they are currently working on a special case for the Make-A-Wish foundation to add another feather to their hat.

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