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2017 was a great year. Without sounding too preachy, my 5 main lessons learned from 2017 that I think others might find helpful as well.

1. Be humble WITHOUT being broke.

You are doing well, good job. Relax, count to ten every-time you think you have free advice for people. My guess is, they already know it. While you are doing that, keep a lookout for people who actually need your advice. Charge them. 
Be the right type of humble, the one who is not broke. Be humble but know your worth.

2. Share experiences, not just images.

Everyone travels, eats, have birthdays and gets new stuff. Don’t be that person who doesn’t have the time to sift through 68+ of their own images and puts them on facebook…respect other peoples time and intelligence. Bring value to the world along with 68+ images of your trip, even if they just have you in it. The difference between a fan and a friend; a fan has you as the coolest person on their list, a friend has others who are almost as cool as you are. Summarize.

3. Grow an ear, every year.

Most of us were born with two ears but only use one; selective hearing its called. When people say you are the best at what you, or the worst, it is generally not true. Fight that urge to say stuff. Listen twice, speak once.

4. Learn MORE to live with LESS.

If you are seeing this then the likelihood is that you have more than your fair share of stuff in the world is very high. If you think you don’t have enough, look around. Chances are you have enough but you are not doing enough with it. Upgrade to the new IOS to make the most out of your shitty iPhone 5. Trust me, I have poor friends.

5. Share your cake, BEFORE you take a bite

The reason that one out of three people will have diabetes by 2025 has a lot to do with having a sweet tooth and the fact they didn’t share it with their loved ones. Everyone gives stuff to others after they get sick of it. Don’t be that person. You have the good stuff, you know it will kill you one day, why not share it others. Giving is not the same as sharing. Giving happens when you part with something, however sharing is a real-time process…try sharing a plate of spaghetti…have a lady and the Tramp moment.

One more thing,

6- Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Happy new year everyone!

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