Reviewing a friend’s Resume

I recently reviewed Muhammad khan’s resume and i was really impressive by his choice of words and his representation.Almost every thing was clearly explained and it tells almost everything about khan.I found it fascinating although i am not familiar with technical terms he used but still i was able to have a guess about his career and skills he posses.I have to say that if i ll be hiring someone for these specialties i would have chosen him.He used action words that tells a lot about his work experiences and describe the skills he used.

While writing my resume.I made some mistakes and i was happy that i have khan on the other side to review my resume.He actually guided me to make it more efficient.He suggested action words that i skipped.I was able to remove redundancy and was able to remove mistakes from my resume.

What i learned from this activity is why the review is so much important.I mean that may be looks perfect to me but not to someone else.So i really get the importance of sharing reviews.I even want more reviews on my resume and make it more better.i will suggest that each time you do something,try to see it from other’s point of view.May be you are missing something you don’t know.Be careful with your actions and take as much reviews as much you can.Hopefully you will do great.That’s all :) #khan #Review