Everything you Know is a Myth: Here’s how to Escape
Chris Herd

Hey Chris,

You and I share some very similar views on life.

If you’re not effectively altering your world you’re subscribing to something which was implemented by others.
The beauty of human consciousness is that you get to choose.

I agree that we as human beings can choose virtue over vice, righteousness over barbarism, etc.

I would like to challenge your philosophy by asking: Who or what sets the limits on where my imagination goes to, morally?

We all possess the power to alter our reality, we can change and influence it and build our own things that other people can use and believe.

Hypothetically, if I decide eugenics will promote the development of the human species 10 fold, would my creativity on the process of exterminating the elderly and handicapped be something you would support?

Where is your foundation for what is morally right and wrong?

I will be honest with you, I know of the existence of one, true living God; He revealed Himself 2000 years ago as the person of Jesus Christ.

My morals are based on a transcendent source, not simply my opinion.

I can justify a human beings innate worth, honesty, loyalty, etc. because God is the ultimate authority who dictates these from His goodness.

I seek to change the world by making known the Savior, and pleading with people to turn from their sin and accept His free gift of eternal life.

I want people to change their minds, I want people to be difference makers.

The difference between your philosophy and mine is:

God provides me an objective basis for humanity’s purpose, morality, and destiny. No one can dispute with God’s will. I have thoroughly investigated His existence and have many pieces of evidence to defend His truth.

What is the basis for your philosophy, why is it true?
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