How I Moved From Being A Pro-life Evangelical to Become a Pro-choice Feminist
Tucker FitzGerald

I appreciate your honesty and respect in voicing your beliefs, thank you.

I must also speak to you very plainly, not to offend you, but to give clarification to what you claim to know.

The fact that you bring up morality, a standard of right and wrong, proves you are made in God’s image and that you know He exists.

If there is no Moral-Law Giver, then there is no moral law; to differentiate between good and evil.

If there is no moral law, there is no evil and no good.

If there is no objective standard of right and wrong, all morality is subjective and your whole post is reduced to fantastical opinion and no longer in the realm of reality.

You and I innately understand that murder, racism, unfaithfulness, etc. are all objectively wrong; the only way that can be so is because God is the standard by which we can know right from wrong.

God is love. God defines what love is, not you or I. If it was up to us, then Hitler’s definition of love for humanity by the process of eugenics on all Jews, blacks, gays, and gypsies was not objectively wrong and simply his own version of love.

Obviously that’s insane, but you understand that love is the sacrificial care for another through service and time. This is from God, God is love.

God also has “made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb.” (Psalm 139:13)

To murder a child to be, made in the likeness of God, is the greatest evil one can commit; and stirs up immense anger for the Day of Judgement.

Every sperm is sacred, masturbation is infanticide? Or should we draw the line at 2 cells?

No sperm will ever become a human being by itself. No egg will ever become a human being by itself.

A zygote, 1000/1000 times will always become a human being (assuming it passes the first two weeks).

Our problem is not ideological, its spiritual. You have sinned before a holy God, and you understand your guilt.

I pray you repent of your rebellion, turn to Jesus Christ. He promises to give you the gift of eternal life, through Him taking the punishment for your sins on the cross. Please don’t harden your heart, I pray you escape condemnation.

God is love, and He desires you for eternity. But He will not force you into Heaven. God bless.

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