Our Sessions @ RiseUp Summit: Startup World in Middle East & Africa 2015

Here are a few fun facts about the Middle East that I bet you haven’t seen on the news so far;

Did you know that the Amazon of the Middle East, Souq.com, just raised global venture capital at a valuation of over $1 billion, or that the largest food-delivery service in Turkey, Dubai and beyond, Yemeksepeti, was bought by Rocket Internet for more than $600 million this summer?

Or that tens of thousands of other tech-enabled startups are in process across the region, 25 percent of which are run by women?

And how many of us would guess that the largest audience for YouTube, relative to its population, is Saudi Arabia? That the largest demographic there is women, and among the largest content categories they are consuming is education, as they are beginning to step up in their societies?

This past year, more people flew through Dubai’s airport than Heathrow, and more than $750 billion in contracts for aircraft across the region were just signed for the expected increase in both passenger and e-commerce growth.

None of this is a surprise to the more than 4,700 young+ entrepreneurs who gathered in Cairo between 12–13 Dec at RiseUp Summit 2015.

On that great event, Our Managing Partner Ali Rıza Babaoğlan, had a chance to contribute the development of the market with two speech in different sessions.

Babaoğlan’s first session is in Pirate Summit to talk about Turkish Startup Market and the second one is about IT and mobile: Empowering sectors and driving growth in Endeavor Egypt’s Panel co-partnered with Nielsen, where we discuss about the upcoming opportunities for industry. (Ali Rıza Babaoğlan @ Riseup Summit)

Below are some updates from our sessions:

Ali Rıza Babaoğlan

Written by

Ali Rıza Babaoğlan is Managing Partner in Grow in EMEA which is an awarded investment advisory shop for your investment plans across EMEA Region

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