Should you buy the new iPhone 4 (and not the iPhone 7) ?

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Apple announced at its traditional KeyNote the launch of two new mobiles devices, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 4!

The iPhone 7 will have a new curved screen, 12 megapixel sensor and 256 GB of storage. But it is the announcement of a new iPhone 4, which was a sensation. According to Tim Cook, “iPhone 4 has exactly the same performance as the iPhone 5c and it will be launched at the same price of 399 dollars” before adding “Apple has always opened new perspectives, and the iPhone 4 is a new evidence. Why ? Because iPhone 4 requires 20% less raw resources that the iPhone 5c, it is composed of 20% recycled material. This is a real revolution and the launch of a new range of terminals with the objective to reach a 1 iPhone totally earth friendly. “ Also according to Apple, the iPhone 4 is expected to preserve 120 tons of raw materials in 2017 and 200 MW, the power consumption of a city of 200 000 inhabitants.

Apple also announced an application store dedicated to low environmental impact or useful applications to reduce its environmental footprint. Finally, the iPhone 4 customers will also donate 20% of the gains made by Apple’s application store to environmental or social profit organizations selected from a predefined list.

The iPhone 4 will not be a terminal “Apple” but “Apple B” (B-side as Project), and Tim Cook to clarify that “Apple is in an economic logic that we failed to present this new terminal. Apple B, our business model is no longer that of profitability but of a collective project for the good of all. “Before announcing that” Apple B was funded at $ 5 billion in cash Apple. “ gamble for Apple, which has nevertheless lost 4% in NY trading.

With Apple iPhone 4B, Apple finds the way startups and made its revolution, no multinational has so far taken the risk of borrowing. So should you buy the iPhone 4? Not if you’re a geek of the first hour and you only have one device in your home. Yes if you think that the future of the planet is better than your last power terminal!