5 Traits that Define Effective Leadership

There are many traits that leaders possess, but that doesn’t always mean they are the most effective. With the right recipe of leadership qualities and traits, any manager can set a team up for success. Here are 5 traits that are thought to be the foundation in effective leaders.

Leaders are confident in their team. They set goals, both long term and short term, and they know that they will be achieved in a timely manner. This creates a positive buzz throughout the team and also spreads optimism contagiously throughout. It is evident that with an optimistic team anything can be achieved. Effective leaders also know the difference between being confident and being conceited. Confidence is a foundational strength and arrogance is a unnecessary weakness.

Great leaders inspire their teams, they allow them to find their passions and motivate themselves. One of the most effective ways to inspire individuals is to help them find their self-purpose. This means defining goals, duties and obligations before embarking on a new journey. Great leaders always set their teams up with great purposeful support prior to demanding action. This assures that everyone is giving 110%, all the time.

Great leaders guide their teams through obstacles when necessary. This means finding strategic solutions to problems instead of passing blame on individuals. This helps teams stay focused under times of stress. On a more private level, effective leaders always address issues in private and display sincere concern. The golden rule is to commend your team in public, and address them in private.

Effective leaders hold themselves responsible for their team’s performance as well as their own. They take that responsibility, and harness it to motivate themselves and their team. This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of being an effective leader. Accountable leaders know how important it is to follow up on all procedures, as this results in success in the team. Another aspect of accountability that is essential for effective leaders, is the ability to solve problems. Effective managers, identify address and solve issues quickly and thoroughly to assure the team is always on task.

It’s very simple, honest leaders are the best leaders. Being an effective leader means being reliable, ethical and foundational for team members. Effective leaders who embody these values can also be a role model for team members to follow and learn by.

Final Word
With these 5 traits any leader can promote greatness in their team. It’s important to understand the role of being a leader and everything it entails. If a leader can do that, then they can achieve anything.