dOP releases a new EP with remixes of Jennifer Cardini and Bedouin

Alisa Lis
Alisa Lis
Jan 11 · 2 min read

With the rich background of mesmerizing discography with labels as Life & Death, Circus Company, Watergate, Crosstown Rebels or Diynamic, the band has certainly been firm on the extracting the very best of each production, which their heads and arms have ever produced.

dOP is always delivering the message beyond time, standards and cliches, which is can be clearly seen in their music and their bright live performances.

’Carousel’ is the debut release we’ve collected with this undoubtedly gifted band, where all the mixes are worth of deeper look and being present on vinyl.

The title ‘Carousel’ track is done in the manner, characterizing guys at it’s best: sharp synthesizer sequences and live percussions of Cuchara are utterly merging into the stable and guaranteed floors smasher, which is beautified with Jonathan’s tender vocals on it.

US-based duo Bedouin, which was patiently bearing their rare and individual trend sound for years, is the first to lay the rework onto ‘Carousel’.Having released numerous successful records with Crosstown Rebels, Supernature and All Day I Dream, as well as classy remixes for Black Coffee via Ultra or for &ME’s & Fink’s via Keinemusik, Bedouin have been running their Saga residency for a few seasons, so their appearance on the label is fully welcome and desired.Bedouin’s remix is the elegant and trippy interpretation, performed in a very eclectic, calm and melodic manner, emphasizing the best of the original’s harmonies and vocals.

B-side meets Jennifer Cardini — the ideologist of Correspondant label and the true unity transmitter of the ‘dj-crowd’ connection, which has been firmly proved by her long and broad dj-ing career.Jennifer’s remix is a more energetic and weighty one, pleasing the likes of indietronica lovers together with the proper house feeling through it.Very dramatic and edgy ‘Heart Signs’ speaks better than words: classic dark & atmospheric pianos, mysterious violins, and warm vocals are perfectly flowing into the end of this story.

Be sure not to miss it.

Listen to the upcoming release and make pre-order now!


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